Our Wineries: Brown Brothers

Through 120 years of growing grapes and making wine, the Brown family has forged an enviable reputation, locally and abroad, as varietal wine specialists and viticulture and winemaking innovators..

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The Brown Brothers Heritage

With a history dating back to 1889, Brown Brothers is one of Australia’s most recognised and respected wine businesses.

 At just 18 years of age, John Francis Brown planted his first grapevines at Milawa, at the base of the Victorian Alps. A simple beginning that would soon grow to become the flourishing family enterprise that it is today.

 Over the years the family has gradually increased the number of vineyards to take advantage of different soils and climate. Located throughout Victoria and in Tasmania, they are as varied in their climatic conditions as the grape varieties grown at these properties. From their cool-climate Whitlands vineyard in the upper reaches of the King Valley to the sun-drenched Mystic Park vineyard in the Murray Valley region, these vineyards have been selected on the basis of suitable conditions for their desired wine styles.

 The Kindergarten Winery, a small scale winery built in 1989 and designed to nurture experimental wine batches with great potential, has played a key role in forging the Brown family's reputation, locally and abroad, as varietal wine specialists and winemaking innovators. 




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