Our Wineries: Jim Barry Wines

Jim Barry Wines has an innovative approach to viticulture and a strong commitment to technological excellence in winemaking. This philosophy is fundamental to the company's ability to consistently produce wines of the highest quality which have won international recognition..

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Welcome to Jim Barry Wines

Jim Barry Wines' philosophy to winemaking is very simple: own the vineyards to develop the best fruit flavours possible and retain these flavours during winemaking.

Fruit bottled under the Jim Barry Wines label is sourced from our family owned vineyards, ensuring we have complete and utter control over every stage of production from vine to wine.

Jim Barry Wines has four distinctive climatic and geographical sites in the Clare Valley:

  • Watervale towards the southern end of the Valley 
  • Lodge Hill in the eastern ranges 
  • Vineyards at the northern entrance to Clare and 
  • Armagh to the west 
  • In addition, the company has a 14 hectare Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard in the Coonawarra region.


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