July 21, 2017

Great wines are not made by great corporations; great wines are made by passionate people. People who dream dreams and plant vines. People who watch the skies and the soil and the fruit as it ripens. People who taste and blend… and wait. People who hang on against the odds, and pass on what they have learned from one generation to the next. People who know that wine is of the earth and the heart.’  Don McWilliam c.1965.


The McWilliam family have been making great wines for all occasions since their founding father, Samuel McWilliam, planted his first vines back in the 19th century. From JJ McWilliam’s ambitious plan to pioneer the Riverina as a wine making region in Australia, to the family partnering with legendary winemaker, Maurice O’Shea, who brought the wine making techniques and styles of the ‘old world’ to Mt Pleasant in the Hunter Valley. McWilliam’s has always strived to be at the forefront of Australian wine innovation.

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