Our Story

In 2009, the Australian wine landscape was changed forever when 12 of Australia’s oldest family owned, multi-generational wine businesses came together to form Australia’s First Families of Wine.

And so the story continues, with the Next Generation of Australia’s First Families of Wine a vital connection to the future as they bring their own thinking and innovation, thoughts and ideas to the family table, underpinned by a rootstock of history, iconic provenance and exceptional quality.



“It’s a great honour to be the fifth Chair of AFFW and I’m looking forward a busy few years. As a group, we have successfully communicated the purpose of AFFW with media and trade, at home and around the world, evidenced by the recognition we enjoy at this level. Over the course of my tenure, I look forward to talking more directly to consumers, particularly domestically, to establish the AFFW marque as a trusted friend when selecting and drinking premium Australian wine. We will continue to engage with media and trade internationally as there is still much work to give quality Australian wine the profile and respect it deserves. And stories! Of course we will continue to tell our stories! And for those who know me, you can rest assured that I’ll have some opinions on all the happenings on the exciting wine landscape.”

Bruce Tyrrell
chairman affw