Our Story

In 2009, the Australian wine landscape was changed forever when 10 of Australia’s oldest family owned, multi-generational wine businesses came together to form Australia’s First Families of Wine.

And so the story continues, with the Next Generation of Australia’s First Families of Wine a vital connection to the future as they bring their own thinking and innovation, thoughts and ideas to the family table, underpinned by a rootstock of history, iconic provenance and exceptional quality.



“I am honored to step in as Chairman of this esteemed collective, particularly at a time when the wine industry faces unprecedented challenges. As we navigate through these difficult periods the history, authenticity and the forty-eight generations of collective experience that unite Australia’s First Families of Wine, become our most valuable assets. These principles guide us, not just in preserving the extraordinary legacies of our vineyards but also in fostering resilience and innovation. Our commitment to authentic, family-led winemaking shines brighter in tough times, reminding us of the strength found in unity and shared experiences. As custodians of our lands and pioneers in our field, we are poised to continue elevating Australian wine on the world stage, ensuring that our traditions and quality will endure for generations to come.”

Chester Osborn

8th chair of affw