Sustainability on the Next Gen Tour
December 7, 2017

The Next Gen trip 2017 was based on the theme of Sustainability. Looking at this theme in the context of environmental, relationships and businesses.
The group of 17 had a jam-packed itinerary of wine and non-wine focused activities over the days that covered these three topics under the sustainability theme:



Environmental sustainability;


  • Visiting the Royal Hobart wine show exhibitor tasting – tasting wines such as Gruner Veltiner and Tempranillo from Tasmania (climate evolution).
  • Visiting the Devils Corner site – viticultural discussion on water use and soil quality, implementation if best practice for a very dry and cool climate.
  • Jansz vineyards and masterclass with Peter Caldwell – changes in climate over time, better varietal selection for sites and use of clones.


Relationship sustainability;


  • Visiting Mona was a great opportunity to spend time together and look at the world from alternative perspectives.
  • Opportunities for meal time discussion about family business and succession; hot topics that were openly discussed around the table.


Business sustainability;


  • Wine show tasting – understanding the direction of wine styles of the industry – the future.
  • Visiting wineries Janz, Dalrymple and Devils Corner, Tas offering the next generation of wine tourism.
  • Tasting and business discussion with Sinapus; gaining knowledge of how to think like a small wine producer, knowing where we can from generations ago.
  • Masterclass with Lark Distillers – alternative and innovative products for the next generation of consumers.


Words by Katherine Brown – Next Gen Chair




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