Howard Park Wines: Launch of ‘The A List’
July 29, 2020

Howard Park presents to you The A List – 2017 Abercrombie Cabernet Sauvignon, 2017 A.S.W Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz and the 2018 Allingham Chardonnay. 

This is a time for us to share and reflect. Wine is the ultimate long game of risk, passion, heartbreak and reward. The A-List sits at the centre of Howard Park’s winemaking philosophy, with each wine representing a generational dedication to creating elegant, age-worthy wines made from grapes grown in the ancient soils of Margaret River and the Great Southern, crafted by winemakers thatact as caretakers of our evolving legacy.

We look back over our 34 year history and we see bold decisions, mistakes and learnings. We see the passage of time and how it’s aged the vines, the wines and the people. We see the hands that worked the soil, planted and tended the vineyards, pruned, picked, crushed, racked, blended, bottled, labelled, carried and poured each bottle. The A-List aren’t just wines, they’re the decisions, debates, risks and breakthroughs it’s taken to meet the challenges of each unique vintage,

Each wine represents a different stage in Howard Park’s winemaking story. The Abercrombie is the true representation of our love for the two regions; with each vintage both homage to Howard Park’s beginnings and a look forward to what can be achieved. it is our time capsule. A.S.W is our take on an important Australian blend, a bold statement for Margaret River and a display a confidence in the Leston Vineyard. While the Allingham is a passionate embrace of the sheer brilliance and overpowering deliciousness of Margaret River Chardonnay, from a spectacular site.

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