The Next Generation

The Next Generation of Australia’s First Families of Wine are a passionate group who live, breathe and influence the vision of their families at home whilst bringing together a fresh approach to AFFW.

The Next Gen, as they are affectionately known, have formed strong bonds as they have organised and managed events together, and represented their families at home and around the world, picking up the baton and bringing their unique and fresh style to their family storytelling as part of AFFW.


Having grown up immersed in the world of wine, with a deep understanding of family wine business, they are imbued with the pioneering spirit of their forebears, a respect for the work of the generations before them and an exciting approach to the future.  And a great sense of pride and responsibility.  They are the future.



“The next generation of AFFW are the future of the twelve families. Passionate about wine, we have grown up with our family’s stories, history and heritage. The ongoing success of AFFW relies on our generation coming together to build our own relationships, to understand each other’s wines and wine businesses and to create an open forum for sharing and communication. Through mentorships, relationship building events and consumer/trade presentations, we work as a group to discuss the sustainability of our own wine business as well as the wine industry going forward.
We hold the future of Australian wine.”

Katherine Brown
next gen chair