The Next Generation

The Next Generation of Australia’s First Families of Wine are a passionate group who live, breathe and influence the vision of their families at home whilst bringing together a fresh approach to AFFW.

The Next Gen, as they are affectionately known, have formed strong bonds as they have organised and managed events together, and represented their families at home and around the world, picking up the baton and bringing their unique and fresh style to their family storytelling as part of AFFW.


Having grown up immersed in the world of wine, with a deep understanding of family wine business, they are imbued with the pioneering spirit of their forebears, a respect for the work of the generations before them and an exciting approach to the future.  And a great sense of pride and responsibility.  They are the future.



“Justin Taylor has been a member of the Taylors Wines sales team since 1997. Prior to joining the family wine business, Justin worked in wealth management and later in sales at Channel 9. As one of the loudest and jovial of the Taylor siblings, Justin brings this natural charisma to all his day-to-day sales interactions in his role as Export Manager. His sales experience at Taylors has seen him travel across the globe, building and developing Taylors’ international brands in the U.S., Canada and New Zealand as a Director of Taylor Brown – a 50/50 joint venture sales and distribution company between Taylors Wines and Brown Brothers.


“Family businesses are a lot of work. You put so much energy into every part of the business to make it a success because at the end of it all, it’s your family’s name on the product and I’m always proud to share a bottle of Taylors with my friends and family,”
“We hold the future of Australian wine.”

Justin Taylor
next gen chair